Our Sensei (TEACHER)

Yaman Gedikoglu

3rd Dan in Muay Thai

He has practiced many martial arts since his childhood. He has been practicing Thai Boxing for over 15 years. He invented the system of KB Fit combining Thai Boxing techniques with his knowledge in other martial arts like Aikido.


The KBF System is not a competitive style of boxing but rather a system of fitness that uses the techniques of many martial arts like Thai Boxing, Kick Boxing and Aikido. The system uses many equipment including the heavy bags, speed balls, bokkens, jo's, etc.


Yaman extensively practiced with Cetin Cin who is a World, European and Balkans Champion many times in many different leagues and in many different age groups in Thai Boxing  and also Olympic Boxing and instructor of many instructors.


Yaman teaches many seminars in Europe and also in the USA. He gave consulting services and instruction to many Sports Academies in Europe with Recreation Departments.


He also follows Zabit Samedov who is a World K1 Champion many times who is also his close friend.


Recently he moved to Seneca and opened the Sakura Dojo, Center of Alternative Arts of Recreation.

From the Sensei

I love this system of fitness because I think this is very effective and with every drop of sweat I can see and feel that we are travelling on the way to fitness and happiness. I also love it because anyone can do it. Competitive muay thai as a martial is not for everyone to pursue as a carreer in their lives. But with this system you can use it as a defense system as well as a fitness system which will make your life happier and tranquil. Therefore you can travel on two different ways of happiness at one go. After every practice hour you will feel so happy and also fit and relaxed.


This is a fitness program that you train your body with the techniques of Kick Boxing and Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) with the rhythm of the music. Get fit and also learn a Self Defense System that will keep you SAFE on the streets.


LEARN the secrets of the 2 martial arts from the expert who has been in the rings and had experienced every strike live during his martial arts career. Not like fitness teachers well advertised watch and learn DVD systems. Join us every Wednesday and Friday at 7PM.

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