Aikikai 7th DAN

Christian Tissier was born on February 7th, 1951 in Paris. He began practicing Aikido in 1962 with Jean-Claude Tavernier, then shortly after with master Nakazono.

Christian Tissier was an exceptionally gifted practitioner and 2nd dan was awarded to him when he was 17 in 1968 by his master.

And it is in January 1969 he realized his dream of going to Japan, world center for experts of aikido, and he wanted to train with them.He left for a stay of 6 months and he remained for 7 years in the land of the rising sun.

He practiced with all the masters of the Aikikai but mainly with Doshu and Seigo Yamaguchi, where he became the favorite disciple.

He also practiced kenjutsu and even kick-boxing for fun, just to practice a "contact sport."

Outside of martial art, Christian Tissier studied Japanese at the "Tokyo School of the Japanese Language" and "Sophia University." Parallel and to meet his needs, he taught French at a high school and at the Franco-Japanese Institute in Tokyo.

When he was 4th dan he decided to return to France in July 1976. He created Cercle Christian Tissier in Vincennes, near Paris, which was going to be trainig many teachers and most of the technical delegates of FFAAA.

Always present in Japan, he was awarded the Aikikai 5th dan in 1981 and 6th dan in 1986. He was awarded his 7th dan in 1997 and the 7th dan Aikikai was presented by the Master Kisshomaru Doshu Ueshiba himself at his home in the presence of his successor, his son Moriteru Ueshiba in January 1998.

He greatly contributed to the creation of the Fédération Française Aïkido, Aïkibudo et Affinitaires (FFAAA) or French Federation of Aikido, Aikibudo and Affiliated Arts, one of the two great bodies governing aikido in France which numbers over 35,000 members.


Christian Tissier Shihan is a very well known and respected Shihan all over the world. You can find more information about our Shihan at his web page . He teaches many seminars all over the world.


When he was asked about his popularity and sucess in Aikido he answered:

Maybe because I make people dream: I took up a discipline 50 years ago, I never stopped working on it and this work allowed me to create something and to receive some recognition for what I created. So people know that it is possible after all!”


Even in Japan, where top grade aikido teachers are in abundance, there are few Western names that carry a certain weight –and Christian Tissier’s is certainly among them. And even if someone doesn’t know that, a look at the International Aikido Federation’s 11th Aikido Congress and Seminar list of names for the seminar will reveal it: out of the 20 classes being offered that week with names literally starting and ending with “Ueshiba” (waka sensei Ueshiba Mitsuteru and Third Doshu Ueshiba Moriteru respectively) and including some of the best the Honbu Dojo and the Japanese Aikikai world has to offer, there were only two non-Japanese and one of them was Christian Tissier. He had more than 600 practiotioners in his sessions.


He was awarded with the Award of the Japanese Foreign Minister of Foreign Affairs at
Embassy of Japan in Paris on October 25th, 2012. The Price of Japanese Foreign Minister was presented to Christian Tissier by Excellency Ichiro Komatsu, Ambassador of Japan.




*This short resume is taken from the book History of Aikido, 50 years of presence in France




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